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Zen Buddhism

About Zen Buddhism:
At the very centre of Zen Buddhism lies in the simple practice of sitting in meditation or ‘Zazen’.

Various forms of meditation exist, usually aimed at achieving some result or special state. In Zen however we are interested in the simple practice of ‘Just Sitting’ or taking the same position as the Buddha himself. In this posture our bodies and minds naturally harmonise and we experience clearly what the Buddha himself experienced- the simple reality that is existing peacefully right in front of us – just as it is. Through practicing Zazen we become awake to reality as it occurs in the present moment, and from this position we can come to realise a deep balance throughout our lives.

What happens at the group?

Dogen Sangha Shropshire is a meditation group which aims at providing a friendly environment in order to support people in practicing meditation in their daily lives. On your first visit to the group you will receive instruction on how to practice sitting meditation.

You will also be advised on how to establish a regular meditation practice at home, and then you can join others each week in sitting meditation together.
The weekly group session usually lasts about an hour. This consists of two periods of meditation lasting around 20 minutes each, interspaced by a chance to chat and discuss the practice of Zen.

About Dogen Sangha

Dogen Sangha is a worldwide group of Buddhist practitioners under the guidance of Gudo Nishijima Roshi who was a student of Master Kodo Sawaki – an itinerant monk famous for his efforts to restore the practice of sitting meditation to its rightful place at the centre of Buddhism.

The name Dogen Sangha signifies that we are a sangha (a group of Buddhist practitioners) who follow the teachings of Zen Master Dogen, a 13th century Buddhist monk, and founder of the Soto school of Buddhism. Dogen Sangha UK is a group of Buddhist practitioners established in Bristol in 1999 by Michael and Yoko Luetchford, who practiced and studied Buddhism in Japan for more than 20 years with Nishijima Roshi.

Nishijima Roshi produced with his students the first full English translation of Dogen’s masterpiece the Shobogenzo.

For more information, please contact Daniel at the clinic info@backandbodycareclinic.co.uk or direct on:

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Dogen Sangha Shropshire meets weekly on Tuesdays at 7.45pm.  Our activities are open to all at no cost, although donations to support the running of the group are most welcome.


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