Sally Pearce

Sally Pearce

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A keen sports woman, I started my career in massage in 2005. As a qualified Remedial Massage, Sports  Massage Therapist and Hendrickson Method Practitioner. I am a firm believer that hands on therapy is not just about relaxation, it boosts energy and can help with a new lease of life.

I have studied the science of the human body for many years, including anatomy and physiology and neurology. In 2014 I came across a unique therapy known as the Hendrickson Method developed by Dr Tim Hendrickson over 30 years ago. This technique has been incredibly inspiring and the healing benefits provided to clients have been profound. I qualified as a practitioner in 2017.

Whether your body is in pain as the result of an injury or cumulative stress, being able to know why something is happening in the body allows me to create and deliver very specific treatment. My understanding and subsequent explanation helps reduce pain levels and identifies opportunities for you to change your working ways and bad habits. It isn’t based solely on intuition or memorised strokes, manipulation and mobilisation it is supported by knowledge of the science if the body and the reasons why something won’t work.




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