Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

in Therapies

The benefits of a Reiki treatment include:

  • Promoting deep relaxation and a reduction in stress
  • Stimulating healing and reducing pain
  • Naturally restoring the body’s balance and promoting good health
  • Enabling us to think clearer and more optimistically
  • Stimulating the elimination of wastes from the body and helping speed up detoxification
  • Revitalising the mind and the body

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Seichem Reiki

Usui reiki is a very ‘earthy’ healing energy, whereas Seichem reiki has a more balanced energy. Four elemental healing rays. These are Reiki (earth), Sophiel (water), Angelic lights (air & spirit) and Sakara (fire). These rays work individually or together, depending on the needs of the recipient. It promotes and accelerates the healing process while providing deep relaxation which helps with stress.

During the treatment the client will remain fully clothed and lie on a massage couch. The therapist’s hands will be placed in reiki positions down the front and then the back of the client. The client will often feel heat or air wafting across them during the session as the energy passes into the body to help heal and relax.

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