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Pilates is suitable for people of all ages and physical ability, as most exercises can be adapted.  Pilates exercises can be performed on the floor (matwork), standing, sitting on a suitable chair, using a fit ball, with resistance in the form of bands, circles and weights. 

There simply is no limit to the challenge to your body.

Pilates exercises can help to:-

  • give you a flatter stomach
  • alleviate lower back pain
  • improve posture
  • create greater flexibility and mobility
  • reduce stress levels and promote relaxation.

The most important thing is not what you do but how you do it.  Pilates is designed to create a fusion of mind and body, so that without thinking you will move with economy, grace and balance.  The exercises are designed to develop balance throughout the body and give you strong stable muscles that are flexible and correctly aligned.

At the Back & Body Care Clinic we have a small studio suitable for a maximum of six people, which therefore gives the instructor an opportunity to spend time with individual clients.  The classes are run in blocks of six weeks, and if attended on a regular basis can have very beneficial results. Realistically you should see results in three to six months – Pilates will change the shape of your body. It is important to remember that subtle changes in how you sit at work, how you drive, etc., will also pay dividends – you have to be responsible for your own body.

Pilates will make you more aware of where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  By weakness I don’t just mean lack of muscular strength – a tight, inflexible back is as problematic as a weak one.  Pilates exercises balance the body, different movements challenge us in different ways.  I find when I teach that the movements my clients least enjoy are usually the ones they cannot do very well. This often indicates a weakness, so instead of avoiding these exercises it is important to persist.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01952 825042,

Pilates looks to improve posture and give you a better understanding of how to release tension in your body and therefore alleviate unnecessary stress on joints.
Pilates is particularly effective in dealing with back, neck and shoulder pain by increasing awareness of core control.

  • Back Care Classes
  • Matwork
  • With bands
  • With circles
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Pilates Stretch & Chill Classes

This class offers the same great toning benefits as a regular Pilates class but with an added emphasis on gentle stretching and a slightly longer relaxation section.
Using Fluidity of movement with body and breath awareness, this class is an excellent way to regain balance in the body, reduce stress, tension and bring about a sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

Session Fees:

£8.00 per class (payable in a block of 6) – Small classes allow increased individual attention – so please contact to reserve a place.
Mats are provided but please bring a towel. Wear clothing that allows ease of movement. No special shoes required – exercise in socks or with bare feet.