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What can Acupuncture offer you?

The principles of Traditional Acupuncture focuses on Mind, Body & Spirit, therefore, focusses on the patient as an individual and not just their illness or disability.
Many people choose acupuncture to relieve specific conditions such as Back Pain, Migraines & Depression. Regardless of reason, the overall aim is to restore both physical and psychological imbalances, thus promoting an improved quality of life. Many others have treatment simply because they find it beneficial and relaxing. Evidently, the overall aim is to restore both physical and psychological imbalances, thus promoting an improved quality of life.

The consultation involves an element of physical examination, and may include palpation of any tender or problem areas, temperature distribution, Blood Pressure and pulse taking and an in-depth discussion regarding past and current health issues as well as your general well-being. This examination is relevant whatever your health issues may be, as it just tells us about the way your individual system works. It means that you may be asked to take some items of clothing off (never your underwear).

What does treatment involve?
I will be using very fine, sterilised, single-use needles for your treatment. The number of needles is kept to a minimum, and they may be inserted and removed immediately, or left in for up to 20-30 minutes. Most people notice a tingling or slight dull ache during or after treatment, however, only usually lasts a few minutes and most people find the whole experience very relaxing.

Preparing for the appointment
Eating a light meal up to an hour before treatment is advised.

The consultation followed by the first treatment may take around 90 minutes, but please allow plenty of time. It will be very useful if you keep make up and scented products to a minimum (please do not use perfume), and wear loose, comfortable loose clothing with easy access to forearms and lower legs. Please also bring with you a list of the names/doses of any medications you are taking.

After the treatment
Some people find that they feel more relaxed, even to the point of being quite sleepy, after their first acupuncture treatment. You should be fine to drive, however, please consider alternative transportation if you have a long journey. Furthermore, ensure you drink plenty of water following treatment to ensure you are well hydrated and rest where possible.



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