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Baby Reflex Practitioner

Baby Reflex Practitioner

Noémie A.Perkins MFHT (Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists), Reflexologist and baby reflex practitioner.

Baby Reflex

As a qualified Baby Reflex practitioner, I will be able to offer parents and guardians group or individual Baby reflex classes. Each affordable course includes 3 sessions running between 1 and 2 hours and covering ” Feeding and Digestion”, “Sleeping/Comforting”, “Well being” and gives each parent/guardian soothing and calming solutions at their fingertips! Contact me to find out if there is a class running in your area. You can also host a workshop from home for you and 3-5 other mums, and receive a free Reflexology treatment gift voucher.

For more details, see www.babyreflex.co.uk

Family Reflexology workshops

Reflexology amongst members of a same family can be a fun way to bond and get together. Children can also learn the basics of foot massage and even the most technical reflexology techniques! The peer to peer reflexology workshops I offer are fun, accessible and a valuable investment for your family.

As your Reflexologist, I will be there every step of the way. I will teach you and your family, over a set amount of sessions, the basic and principles of reflexology as well as ways to record your observations and results, I will train you to one or a few specific reflexology routines in accordance to the plan set up, I will offer follow up and occasional treatments and consultations after the end of the workshop.

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